Community of Federal Regulators
Regulatory Excellence Award

Atlantic PIRI’s work was recognized with a Regulatory Excellence Award for Best Practices from the Community of Federal Regulators

The Regulatory Excellence Awards recognize outstanding achievements and/or successful initiatives within the federal regulatory community, including

  • Improvements in regulatory policy
  • Working collaboratively; and
  • Innovation

These categories were chosen to highlight best practices and recognize initiatives/achievements that make a difference to Canadians, reflecting the CFR vision of “a regulatory community Canadians trust to maintain and strengthen their health, safety, security and prosperity in a sustainable society.”

Brownie Award

Prix Brownie 2006 pour PIRI de l’Atlantique

Atlantic PIRI is honoured to have received the 2006 Canadian Urban Institute
Brownie Award for Policy and Programs.

Brownie Award

This category recognizes policies, programs or new legislative initiatives that

  • Remove barriers or otherwise facilitate brownfield development;
  • Provide models of excellence that can be applied or replicated; and
  • Are judged to be effective in initiating new brownfield projects.

Atlantic PIRI’s success is based on a combination of Harmonization and Consistency in application of the science-based Atlantic RBCA processes between the four provinces. The Atlantic PIRI forum is a key aspect that faciliates Information Sharing, development of common Values, and a Win-Win approach for all stakeholders. The group’s Integrity and adoption of Best Practices inspire our dedication to continuous improvement. You can review the winning nomination for Atlantic PIRI and also learn more about the design of the Brownie Award below.

The Brownie was presented to Atlantic PIRI at the CUI and Canadian Brownfields Network annual conference, CANADIAN BROWNFIELDS 2006: Developing the New Real Estate Frontier, held October 2006 in Toronto.

The Canadian Urban Institute’s annual Brownie Awards program recognizes leadership, innovation, and environmental sustainability in brownfields redevelopment across Canada and is supported financially by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Atlantic PIRI nomination document

About the Brownie Award Design