Effective August 30, 2021
Version 4 of the Atlantic RBCA Toolkit and User Guidance
will replace Version 3

Now Available
 Atlantic RBCA V4 User Guidance
 2021 Atlantic RBCA EQS/PSS
Atlantic RBCA V4 Toolkit

Important changes to the V4 User Guidance and V4 Toolkit include updates to the chemical toxicity database, expanded subsurface volatilization modelling options, updates to hazard quotients and carcinogenic vs. non-carcinogenic SSTLs.
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Also available are the 2021 Atlantic RBCA EQS/PSS
(with the associated Rationale Document).
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Effective August 30, 2021, Atlantic Regulators will require assessment, remediation and closure reports to utilize Atlantic RBCA V4 Toolkit and V4 User Guidance and/or 2021 Atlantic RBCA EQS/PSS with specific Exceptions as outlined in the Atlantic RBCA V4 and EQS/PSS Implementation Procedure