PEI Regulatory Approach to Management of Petroleum Contaminated Sites

The PEI Department of Communities, Land and Environment have Environmental Protection Act regulations related to petroleum hydrocarbon remediation and a contaminated site registry. These regulations came into force November 25, 2006.

The Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation Regulations and Contaminated Sites Registry Regulations are designed to provide regulated petroleum hydrocarbon cleanup numbers and a more transparent contaminated site management process.

The Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation Regulations include information on:

  • Impact reporting requirements;
  • Criteria for Site Professional classification;
  • Voluntary remediation agreements; and
  • Site closure reporting requirements.

A property may be designated to the Contaminated Site Registry if:

  • Analysis of soil and groundwater on the property indicates it is contaminated in excess of acceptable clean-up criteria.
  • Environmental or human health risk management measures have been implemented for the property.
  • There is a known site where contamination exists, such as properties formerly used as solid waste landfills. More than 500 properties on the Island have been identified as active or former solid waste landfills.

Detailed information on sites may be available in cases where site-specific studies have been carried out.

For more information about the PEI regulations, contact the PEI Department of Communities, Land and Environment.