Prince Edward Island Registry of Contaminated Sites Available On-line

News Release March 17, 2009

Realtors, property assessors and potential buyers can now get information about contaminated properties on Prince Edward Island through an on-line registry launched by the Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry.

Minister Richard Brown announced today that a complete list of all properties identified under the Contaminated Sites Registry regulations of the Environmental Protection Act will be available at

“People have the right to know which properties on Prince Edward Island have environmental issues associated with them. This website makes it easier for everyone to make informed decisions about if and how a particular parcel of land should be used and developed,” said Minister Brown.

Users of the on-line contaminated sites registry will be able to search for a particular property according to its parcel identification number (PID), the search and information are available free of cost. If a property is included on the registry, information available on the website will include the date of registration and – if available – the boundaries of the areas within the property that are considered to be contaminated.

A property may be listed as contaminated if:

  • Analysis of soil and groundwater on the property indicates it is contaminated in excess of acceptable clean-up criteria.
  • Environmental or human health risk management measures have been implemented for the property.
  • There is a known site where contamination exists, such as properties formerly used as solid waste landfills. More than 500 properties on the Island have been identified as active or former solid waste landfills.

Detailed information on sites may be available in cases where site-specific studies have been carried out.