Since 1997, Atlantic regulators from each of the Provincial Departments of Environment and Environment Canada (since 2000), have worked closely with regional stakeholders from the petroleum industry and regional environmental engineering firms, to develop workable guidelines and science-based analytical tools for the management and remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons impacted sites and brownfields throughout Atlantic Canada.

Building from its ongoing success as a collaborative forum, on February 18, 2014 Atlantic Partnership IRisk Based Corrective Action Implementation (Atlantic PIRI) held a 5 year strategic planning session for the 2015-2020 cycle.

This 5 year strategic plan refreshes our purpose and objectives as continued Partners IRisk Based Corrective Action Implementation as follows:


  • Champion progressive and sustainable management of impacted sites;
  • Support Atlantic regulators and all stakeholders in the application of Atlantic RBCA;
  • Promote brownfield development through communication and engagement of government and private sector stakeholders;
  • Integrate technical advances into the Atlantic RBCA process to ensure equivalent or better protection than the CCME Canada Wide Standards for Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil for specific Atlantic Canada applications;
  • A forum for collaboration in discussing issues and regulatory changes to implement harmonized and sustainable remediation approaches;
  • Partners include: Atlantic Provinces’ regulators; industry representatives; consultants; and support from essential corresponding members.

Vision Statements

  • enhancing the Atlantic RBCA process and regulatory programs and ensure they are effective in serving the needs of Atlantic Canadians.
  • delivering upon the objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding using our core strengths and areas of expertise, which are principally related to scientific and technical fields, and related legislative issues with respect to impacted sites management.
  • engaging stakeholders and promoting site-specific and sustainable remediation approaches in the region with the goal to be sought by jurisdictions and stakeholders outside of Atlantic Canada for the demonstrated thought leadership of Atlantic PIRI.

Mission Statement


Strategic Goals