Submission and Processing of Site Professional Documentation

The New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government (DELG) has made the determination that regulatory review efforts should be focused on sites with greater technical complexity and risk uncertainty. To this end, a process for document processing (hereafter called the Process) has been developed by DELG to expedite and improve the processing of files.

This Process is intended to establish a high standard of quality in Site Professional submissions, from the initial assessment to completion of the Record of Site Condition. The primary objectives of the Process are to:

  • Ensure that the Site Professional submissions are of a quality that ensures that human health and the environment are protected within acceptable levels of risk;
  • Provide timely Regulatory response to submissions under the Contaminated Site Management Process.

The documents available below include a description of the process and a set of submission forms, which must be completed and accompany any Site Professional submissions. The three types of forms under the Contaminated Sites Management Process include: Site Assessment/Remedial Action Plan form, Monitoring form and a Closure form. An additional form is for closure reports under a the Limited Remedial Action process.

 Revised May 2011