Contaminated Sites Registry Regulations

PEI Environment, Energy and Forestry has developed new Environmental Protection Act Regulations related to Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation and Contaminated Sites Registration. The new Regulations came into force November 25, 2006.

The Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation Regulations and Contaminated Sites Registry Regulations are designed to provide regulated petroleum hydrocarbon cleanup numbers, and a more transparent contaminated site management process.

An information session held on Monday, December 11 2006 was held to provide more information about the new Regulations. A presentation on the Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation Regulations included information on:

  • Impact reporting requirements;
  • Criteria for Site Professional classification;
  • Voluntary remediation agreements; and
  • Site closure reporting requirements.

A presentation on the Contaminated Sites Registry Regulations discussed how an impacted site gets onto the contaminated site registry.

This information was included in two presentations made at the information session, which are available for download in pdf format, below.

For more information about the new PEI regulations, contact the PEI Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry.