Limited Remedial Action Reference Documentation

Limited Remedial Action (LRA) was defined in the 1999 “Guideline for the Management of Contaminated Sites” as remediation of a site without the use of a Site Professional. It has become evident over the past three years of Guideline use, that there may be simple situations where a complete site assessment (as defined in the Atlantic RBCA Reference Documentation) would not be necessary to delineate and remediate contamination. Limited Remedial Action is now defined as follows: “The remediation of soil impacts at a site under direction of a Site Professional, or DELG personnel in exceptional circumstances. The DELG shall determine during completion of a site inspection questionnaire if it is appropriate to attempt to use limited remedial action measures at a site.”

This reference document covers the following topics:

  • Limited Remedial Action (LRA) Background
  • Limited Remedial Action (LRA) Procedure
  • Minimum LRA Testing & Reporting Requirements
  • Review Process for LRA Procedure
  • Appendix A: LRA Record of Site Condition
  • Appendix B: Applicability of Tier I Tables
  • Appendix C: LRA Submission Checklist