Heating Oil Regulations and Guidelines

In April 2012, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador put into place a regulation and guidelines governing heating oil storage tank (host) systems. The regulations require registration, proper installation and inspection of tanks used to store heating oil. The regulation and its associated requirements are intended to protect the environment from preventable heating oil leaks and to obtain and maintain a registration system.

In support of the regulation, the Province has developed an inspection manual (periodically updated) to clarify the requirements and to provide guidance to a person installing or altering a heating oil storage tank system.

Although anyone is permitted to conduct installation or alteration activities, a subsequent inspection of the work by a licensed inspector is required. To assist people in meeting this requirement, the Province has compiled a list of licensed inspectors (periodically updated).

All three of these documents – the regulations, the tank inspection manual and the list of licensed inspectors – are available below for download.