Guideline for Management of Contaminated Sites Version 2

This document was developed by the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government (DELG) based upon the guiding principles of protection of human health and the environment as well as the endorsement of a risk based approach to contaminated site management. It is intended to assist those involved with contaminated site management in understanding their roles and responsibilities from project initiation through to regulatory closure of a site.

The information in this document supercedes version 1 of the Guidelines, produced in 1999.

The DELG has assisted in the development of a modified version of the ASTM RBCA process for use in New Brunswick and the other Atlantic Provinces. The Atlantic RBCA process (version 3) forms the technical foundation upon which this Guideline is based. This new software is considered to be technically harmonized with the CCME Canada Wide Standard (CWS) for Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil.

Guidance on the technical application of Atlantic RBCA is presented in the Atlantic RBCA User Guidance, version 3.

The DELG considers the Atlantic RBCA process to be the most appropriate tool to be used when managing petroleum-impacted sites in New Brunswick. Other risk based tools and approaches may be used, however, early consultation with the DELG is recommended.

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