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Nov20, 2017

Thanks to our speakers and panelists

Thanks to our speakers and panelists Radha D. Curpen, Bennett Jones; Robert Turner GHD Limited; Carole Chan, McInnes Cooper; Maylia Parker, Stantec; James Evans, RBC; Andy Williams, AMG Claims Inc.; Petro Oh, Maxxam Analytics; Andrew Thalheimer, Dillon Consulting; Guillaume Couillard, Federation of Canadian Municipalities; Susan Barfoot, AMEC Foster Wheeler; Brian Drover, Environment Canada; Rita Mroz, Environment Canada and all Seminar participants for helping to make the Atlantic PIRI one-day professional development seminar, The Evolution of Remediation & Redevelopment in Atlantic Canada a great success!

Aug21, 2017

Brownie Awards 2017
Nominations are open!

The Brownie Awards recognize the builders, innovators and visionaries who are dedicated to the rehabilitation of brownfield sites that were once contaminated, under-utilized and undeveloped into productive residential and commercial projects that contribute to the growth of healthy communities across Canada.

The Brownies are open to everyone in the brownfield community.

The Brownies are designed to recognize excellence in projects or programs. Any organization involved in brownfield redevelopment in Canada can submit a nomination – municipalities, utilities, developers, consultants, property owners, non-governmental organizations, regulators, etc. – either on behalf of someone else or for its own work.

If you have completed, or are working on, a project that fits in one of the award categories, please consider submitting a nomination.


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