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Sep26, 2018

Do You Know of a Project, Program or Person That Has Broken New Ground in Brownfields?
Nominate them for a Canadian Brownfields Network, Brownie Award!

Nominations Close October 5, 2018!

Canada’s “brownfielders” are doing a lot of good work to redevelop unused, underused or contaminated sites, or to generally advance the national brownfield agenda. You’re almost certainly involved in this, one way or another – either you’re part of such a project, or you know of one. Well, now it’s time to recognize that work with a Brownie nomination!

For more information or to Nominate visit Canadian Brownfields Network.

Jun14, 2018

Atlantic PIRI 2017 Annual Reporting Summary

The Atlantic PIRI 2017 Annual Reporting Summary – highlighting the key accomplishments of 2017 and work plan objectives for 2018. In 2017, Atlantic PIRI products resulted in the closing of 454 impacted site files in our region. Since 1997, the Atlantic RBCA toolkit has been successfully used to assess or remediate petroleum impacted sites and facilitate regulatory file closures for more than 8279 sites in Atlantic Canada!

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